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Equipped with Chinese heavy truck man technology, JAC high-end heavy truck products listed

Datetime: 2017-06-13 09:30:37    View: 150

In June 4th, with the China National Heavy Truck Man technology engine Jianghuai heavy truck high-end model products listed, tasting officially kicked off in Nanjing, Jurong area.

The promotion will invite a number of logistics companies, including more than 100 participants. The listing of high-end products will attract more media, the market will be amazing product models, the audience warm and extraordinary.

Equipped with China Heavy Truck Man technology, JAC high-end heavy truck to the industry and users to bring a visual feast. Field users have test experience, the Mann technology engine deep love.

Chinese heavy truck engine technology is imported from German Manchester Manchester company, technology from Germany, equipment from Germany, in accordance with international standards to create elaborate, in fuel consumption, comfort, reliability and emission performance is very good, this is the Jianghuai high-end K7 products choose Manchester technology of engine.